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Door Rattle

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I have a 2015 Legacy Limited with the Harman/Kardon audio system and every since I bought the car (about a month ago) there has been a rattling/vibration coming from the front door woofers when there is rapid paced or low enough bass produced by a song. Mind you, I do not have the bass turned all the way up nor am I cranking the volume on the stereo. If I press against the door panel, it seems to go away so that tells me it is not the speakers (I think) but it

is driving me nuts! My wife has a 2017 Forester with the HK system and hers sounds great! No rattles, no weird noise. Even at high volume with lots of bass (she loves EDM/ techno so it would definitely be apparent if there were noises). Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on how to rectify the rattles? Thanks everyone!

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Lots of cars rattle, especially in this instance. Take the door panel off and put some dynamat type insulation on inside of the door (behind the speaker and a strip or two on the other inner areas (do not cover the holes at the bottom of the door. Then put a few pieces under and near wiring connectors. You can also get some other types of automotive insulation. This should help, but rattles are sometimes tough to fix. - YouTube is your friend. :)
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