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Replaced rotors and pads.. found this.


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Hey Guys,



So replaced my rotor and pads this weekend.. did the drivers side front and rear first.. moved around to the passengerside and when I pulled the caliper off the right front, I found this (see attached pics).



The pistons were not frozen and went back into the caliper just fine. I was wondering if I can just replace the outer seals instead of doing a full tear down or buying a new caliper. But im guessing if I do that, i might run into a frozen caliper situation down the road as water/salt likely got into these (depending how long the seals looked like this).



Is it possible to just put new boots/seals on to replace these, or do the pistons have to come out regardless?



A new A-1 Cardone, coated caliper is only 50 bucks at rock auto.. probably worth it for a piece of mind, but if the internal seals probably kept the junk out of the inside of this caliper, buying a couple outer seals would probably a much quicker and more simple job.



What do you guys think?



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They look pretty rusted though.. didnt even look that close at them.. i was so disgusted at that point as my car seems to go through calipers like mad. I pushed the pistons back in, no leaking as far as I can see.. but I guess ill just order a new caliper and be done with it.
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There is no way I would even consider driving with those calipers on my car, can't believe they're not leaking as it is. I'd install the replacements asap.


I swapped it out yesterday. No leaks, the inner seals were fine I guess.. It was just the outter boot that was a mess.

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For the cost of re-man calipers with all new hardware, its a better deal in the long run when the slider pins freeze up after the next Winter on those old ones you rebuilt.


I'll say I greased my slide pins yearly and got lots of life out of the OEM calipers (13 years) until after putting new slide pins and new brackets on over the past few years. Those new brackets worked fine for a few years then those pins froze up too.


Brakes are a wear item that get lots of abuse that's why most shops just replace the full caliper.

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Just rebuild them, strip them down, powder coat, get new seals and pistions from Carid and you are good to go.


I am no mechanic, but was able to do mine while I watch some college football. Cheers.


The amount of hours I've spent trying to keep the seals in place as I was pushing the piston is outweighs the cost of reman calipers twicefold. That's not counting the anger and busted nuckles :lol:

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