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Lean Idle, near perfect AFR under throttle while in open loop


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Hey everyone,

I'm a long time lurker but I've recently run into a weird issue that I can't seem to fix. Let me give you some background;

Two years ago, I bought a modified 2005 Subaru Outback XT with a built engine. Long story short, the OBXT was involved in a front engine collision that slightly bent the drivers side frame. Sadly my prized subie was totaled, but the engine was totally unscathed. At that point I decided to salvage what I could. I picked up a 2005 Legacy GT and proceeded to swap the engine, exhaust, interior, suspension, etc. from the OBXT. This was about a year ago, and when she runs well, she's a blast to drive. Unfortunately, due to state of the vehicle (diy engine swap) I couldn't find any local tuners willing to touch it, so I've been learning as I go along.


So the problem:

The car was running very lean. I have checked for boost leaks for hours, and I did find one at the MAF adapter plate. I sealed that up and that fixed the lean running condition while under throttle, however I still have a very lean idle (17-19) and I cant seem to figure out what I need to change in my tune to get this straightened out.



Forged internals, evo3 16g turbo, CAI, 3" turbo back exhaust, FMIC, Perrin fuel inlet, perrin (?) injectors, TGV deletes, no rear O2, wideband O2, and probably some others that I'm missing.


Tune: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AvmuRbFyZiwtERazoIux8y6kyHUFTHU8/view?usp=sharing


Log at Idle: See attached


Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

romraiderlog_20180823_203915 (1).csv

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