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Site going slower than usual?


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Guys, GUYS! He didn't see it!!!! :munch::hide::lol:


Oh, I saw it. I just didn't think it merited a response. :lol:


Back on topic! Had this sandwich for dinner. Pit beef, pepper jack, tiger sauce (horseradish and mayo) on oatmeal bread, put into the panini press.


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If that doesn't gum up the server, I don't know what will. :hide:




You're a douche.




You're a douche too.




You're all f*cking douches. :spin::mad:



you can't be as much of a dick as LegGTLT, as a fellow admin he's your boss that must be hard to put up with. If you can't solve the OP's problem, maybe he should PM him too.



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I imagine that the forum would go a lot faster without all this talk of healthy sammiches. Forum speed is directly proportional to blood pressure- it's science!



Also, there's a site-wide effort to find anything over 3000 posts and archive it- can't guarantee it'll cure things completely, but it should help.

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