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Question about tuning.


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Im very new to the LGT scene, and i was curious on if i should , and how i can get my LGT tuned after an upgrade.


I own a 2005 LGT thats pretty much all stock insides, except one of the previous owners welded a 2011 wrx catback exhaust to it (no idea why).

Its running a Stage 1 tune which from what ive heard is a lot better than stock.

I also have an Accessport married to the car.


To the point, i bought an uppipe with no cat from Invidia, and after installing it ive been told i need a tune to get the most out of it. So if thats the case, how and where can i get, or do a proper tune.


Odds are i sound like an idiot, but you have to start somewhere!

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