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Not entirely sure..


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Intercooler is in!


T connection under intercooler looked awesome. Made sure clamps were tight and all was well.


Intake hose from intercooler was loose on both ends. Popped off with zero effort.


Fixed that. Misfire is still there


Like I said, looking at maps tonight


Also, does this turbo look original?



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Current symptom:


Misfire on cyl 4. 5k rpm faceplant at WOT.


What's been fixed:


New TGV sensor.


Boost leak. Buddy and I used his air compressor before and after to check for a boost leak, and after an intercooler replacement, all is well. All hoses checked. Comes on boost way earlier now and gets 12-13 psi with ease.


Diagnostics complete:


New spark plugs on driver side (havent had time to replace the passenger side yet)


Swapped ignition coil 2 and 4, to see if misfire would move.


Misfire did not move. Swapped fuel injectors. Again misfire did not move.


Used the screwdriver trick, and both driver side injectors seem to be ticking along happily. Coils were swapped, so if that was the issue, it would have moved to cyl 2.


Bringing it to a shop on Monday of next week. I'm guessing valve drop or head gasket. Hopefully not, but I've exhausted all of my efforts, short of a leakdown test and compression check.


Sorry this has been whacky. I'm new to Subaru, and (unfortunately) very impulsive to say things aren't working.





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Different sensor, from what the shop said. He said TGV looked fine.


I replaced. I'm a father of three and my wife and I work opposite schedules.


Digging was my next step, but the car was undrivable


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