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Brake Noises, Good (I think) and Bad

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I recently replace my front and rear rotors with slotted and drilled rotors (Centric brand) and have been perfectly happy with the look and performance. However, I have two questions I'm hoping to get some help with.


First, after a few weeks I had a bad squeaking noise on one wheel and upon investigation found a stripped caliper bolt. I replaced the bolt (actually both bolts and pins), but the sound persisted. I assumed that the pads had worn unevenly so I replaced them and hoped that fixed the problem, but it is still there. I'm assuming that the weeks of the caliper being loose damaged it and it is not applying pressure linearly as the pedal is depressed. When I push the pedal lightly it starts to squeak and does not go away until I press the pedal completely. It also sometimes keeps squeaking for a second or two when I let off of the brake and start moving. Can anyone think of anything other than the caliper that might be causing this problem?


Second, are slotted and drilled rotors just noiser than regular rotors? I'm well beyond the break-in time frame and the rotors still make a low rubbing/"wurring" sound when I'm braking medium to hard. I didn't have any problems during the install so I assume this is just how they sound.

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I would first check to make sure all the metal to metal contact points between the caliper, clips, and pads are lubricated. Maybe a little spot is missing some grease and it's causing the noise? I apologize if that seems obvious and if you've already done that, but I wanted to mention it anyway.
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I noticed a "wurring" on medium/hard braking when I tried slotted rotors too.


I am chasing some slight squeaking and grinding as well, I am planning to put the car on stands and put the car in gear then brake while I have someone listen for it.

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