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Front limited slip for spec b 6mt worth it?

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I’ve never tracked my car, maybe someday. For now it’s just my daily. I blew 3rd gear so time for a spec b swap. Spec b swap has no flsd. Thinking of putting a used sti ap suretrac in. The only reason I want to do it is so I don’t regret not doing it later while the trans is out. It’s also based on the assumption that I can do the labor myself and I’ve never split a transmission before. I like over steer and don’t find myself running from the cops through hairpin turns very frequently, I hear rocketing out of turns is the flsd primary use case.


Will I find much benefit from a flsd? Is it worth effort in my case?

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It will reduce understeer. I have an STI style font LSD in my 6mt spec B and I noticed a big difference on the track and off. Car feels more planted when turning and pulls you through the turn better. If it is not too expensive, I would recommend it.


Is Suretrac the same that Subaru uses as stock on the STi?

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Definitely feel the difference going from my 5 speed open front diff to the 6 speed front LSD on track. Picked up some time on my personal best because I was able to hold exit speed better. You can definitely feel it pulling you thru the turn allowing you to keep on line. Would I put in on a daily driver? Sure I suppose if the price was right and if I tended to really push the car on the street, but I wouldn't consider it super essential.
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