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Recommended OBDII Scan Tools?

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There are so many choices and I've done a bunch of searches on this forum and the Forrester and Outback forums, but the posts are all 3+ years old.


What do you recommend for a OBDII scan tool for the Legacy?

I'm also hoping to use it on my wife's Honda if needed.


I like the idea of the wireless to the iPhone with an app.

The more detail on the app, the better, including repair method, and step by step repair, etc.


It doesn't have to be able to reset TPMS.


What options for low, medium, and high price models?

How is the FIXD unit?


thanks in advance

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For my general purpose uses, I have a GoPoint BT1. It works through Bluetooth to an app called Dash Command on my iPhone.


It was a little pricey at ~$150, but its come in very handy in the past few years. The app only goes up to 2014 Model year vehicles for some reason, but I don't think that matters because I've used it on an Isuzu dump truck when it was set to a Ford Expedition.


The app doesn't have repair instructions or anything, but it will tell you any DTC's and the description of it. It also does gauges, trip meters, and any other accessible data PIDs. It can also log all of that data and export it.


That being said, I do believe the bluetooth thing will work with other apps, this is just the one I use.

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There are tons of global obdii scanners that will work, I recommend getting one with generic and manufacturer specific capabilities for functionality. I have an older actron handheld scanner which can also do drive cycle monitoring and data monitoring.
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I use ultragauge and I like it. Ultragauge.com


the website is ultra-gauge.com/ultragauge/ , just fyi.


also, how's the refresh rate on those? been thinking about getting one, but if it's slow to update and shows everything a second or 2 behind(like boost) i'd probably want to skip.

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