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Darth Spec B's Cosmetic problems

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The other day my passenger side headlight went out so I decided to trouble shoot on the spot. All of a sudden a gust of wind blew my hood up nearly cracking my windshield. Thankfully that didn't happen but the corners of my hood were bent. Here's the extent of the damage.


Im pretty sad about it. What do you guys think I should do? ebffa1d48589e877313ee1b584056252.jpg2bec98a187ed48a82dd66644aaa2145a.jpged1012e5ada96ebc563f9d366152b494.jpg7bd2294246ec9ea2bb2da5937b20af6d.jpgd150f5a816764f1e8cb703017b3035f0.jpg


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All depends on how much to want to spend to fix it. At the extreme end, a carbon fiber hood to replace it. :) At the cheap end, bend it back with a little heat applied to the underside (non painted).
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