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Bad Blower Relay or something else?

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Hey everyone! This is my first post here and I hope I'm putting it in the right forum...


I have a 2011 Legacy 2.5i Limited... got it used about 4 months ago from a Subaru dealer.


A noise and blower issues started about 3 weeks ago. I can hear a strange pattern of 'clicking' noises coming from behind the instrument/gauge panel, generally right after I turn it on and right after I turn it off (but sometimes it'll start when I'm driving... though I usually have the radio on so I can't hear it if it does that). The heating/cooling system also has issues with the foot fans- they work, sort of, but will constantly cycle/switch back and forth between the foot fans and the front 'defroster' fans. But that's only if I have the setting on wanting to direct the air towards just the feet instead of upper and lower. Air will come out of it on the combo setting, but at what feels like lesser force. And if I remember properly, I can't direct it to JUST go on the feet... it always seems to be somewhat directed at the front window/front defroster as well (so maybe it's a bad relay for the front defroster, if that's a thing?)


I seem to be able to stop the clicking when I turn on the front window defroster only, but it comes back shortly after I turn it off.


I had it in at the dealer recently for an extended warranty issue with the transmission where they replaced the valve body, and the noise actually started around the same time that the transmission issue started acting up. But, of course, the clicking noise wouldn't happen when they had it for the transmission!!!


I did some internet research, but there are SO many options that I thought I'd come here to pick your brains before I sojourn back to the dealer with the extended warranty that I have and have them look at it. I THINK it might be a blower relay starting to die, which is why I hear the clicking behind the panel. My husband has a Forester and has done work on his car, but the Legacy will be a new arena for us and I'd like to be armed with some info that might help us find more specific info before we attempt anything.


Thanks in advance!

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Since it seems like you have multiple electrical problems that also change when selecting other features, check ALL your grounds. Sounds like you may be having a voltage supply issue. Most electronics in the dash get their ground from the driver and possibly some from the passenger kick. Also from the dash bracing which is bolted to the frame of the car. If you have an ohm meter, you can measure the resistance from those grounds to the negative battery terminal. It should be a very low number. If it is high, you need to correct the connection issue. You can do this by first disconnecting the battery. Then proceed to unbolt ground cables that go to the frame, motor and so forth. Remove any corrosion and dirt at these connections. They should be on bare metal. Anything in between them cause resistance which causes voltage drops. Reconnect everything and check resistance from the terminal to the inside kick again. If it is within normal ranges, see if your problem is resolved.
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