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OBXT LGT Spec-B Lower Control arm question

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Hey all,


I have searched and haven't found an answer.


I've got a stock suspension 2006 Canadian OBXT (which I think is the same as the US) with LGT front brakes and it's time to replace the front LCA bushings. I bought these Spec-B front LCA.


My mechanic says they are 3/4" longer ball joint to bushing centerline. 18" instead of the 17 1/4" currently on the car. Can anybody tell me if they should fit? I plan to get an alignment of course.


It makes me think it'll add a little caster and a bit of negative camber.

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Thanks. I'll go double check with my own eyes tomorrow. After I posted this there was a small doubt in my mind that I had the WRX one. I seemed to recall that it was about a 3/4" difference. Seller listed it as a legacy part. I wanted to be sure they were the same size.
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You may have received STI control arms. They have a wider track in front. You could still run them on your car, as long as you're ok with the higher neg camber. It's great for turn-in, you'll need to keep an eye on your tire wear.
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