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Power Steering issue (track day pics)

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Hey guys so i just did my 3rd track day here's a few pics as tax for help before i get into the issue.








There was a legacy GT wagon in my group and we were passing everyone except this one M4, but we were right behind/ahead of each other all day it was an absolute blast.


So what happened was on my 3rd session it misfired pretty dang hard a few times and threw a CPS CEL, i called it a day and took it home. Did a compression and leak down test just in case and the numbers came back good so i put it all back together. I noticed there was a tiny vacuum line that popped off so im going to drive it, and if the code pops up again ill replace the CPS, but anyways here is where i need help:


Here is where the problem happened, as soon as i started it i noticed i had almost zero power steering, and it had a decent leak now. Before i did the compression and leakdown it worked perfect, there was a very slight leak around the O ring on top of the PS pump but not enough to leak to the ground. Now all the sudden it is leaking a lot and doesn't work at all.

Also fluid level was perfect before this all happened.


I have a hunch it's because when i did the compression and leakdown tests i unbolted the engine mounts so i could jack it up a little bit to do the tests easier, is it possible i raised the engine too much and broke something? I just inspected all the PS lines and they all look okay. And it appears it was just leaking more from the same O ring on top. I took out the O ring and it seemed in decent condition so i put it back in and tightened it more.


I think i am just going to start with replacing the pump, then lines, then steering rack if it comes to that. But i thought i would check here and see if anyone more knowledgeable has any guesses. I just find it weird it went from working 100% to 0% right after doing the compression/leak down tests, shouldn't it have slowly started whining and failing if it was just leaking from the O ring, instead of failing all at once? Any help is appreciated thanks in advance!


Edit: If it helps at all, when the front wheels are jacked up the PS doesn't work steering to the left at all, but if i steer right very slowly the wheels kind of shudder back and forth like it wants to work but if i steer fast i get no help.

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If it's leaking that much, it should be fairly straightforward to spot the source of the leak.


I found the source of the leak it appears to be coming from the O ring on top of the pump, however i checked the o ring, tightened it, and put more fluid in and it doesn't seem to be leaking anymore at least not a substantial amount still no luck. I will get a new O ring and replace it asap just in case though thank you for the reply.

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