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Facelift HID headlights on my EDM '07

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Just picked up HID headlights from a crashed '09 for 20€ each. :lol: They need some polishing and renovation, but overall condition is very nice.




Also picked up the facelifted front bumper from the same car for 100€. It needs repaint in 39D but nothing else. I'm going to do something unusual with '07 fenders so I won't need facelifted ones.


I want to know what I need to do with the wiring, fuses, relays and what parts do I need to make it work and I want them positioned correctly. I will be deleting both headlight washers. My stock pre-facelift headlights are halogen.


Also, we are forced to have our lowbeams as DRL except the car has it otherwise stock.


Parts needed:

- headlight bracket (got one so I will try to fabricate the other)

- ...


Thanks in advance for every advice.

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Still in the process of collecting minor parts. :lol: And about those fenders... I would like to fill the gap with a similar solution to maintain some optical width.


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From a different thread:


Konns, aren't you the one who scored some super cheap EDM headlights in mint conditions? If yes, can you find me another pair pleeeeeease? spin:


Actually, I found out that the left one had a cracked case and a lot of hidden cracks inside, so I took it apart and tried to repair it. Worked out well-ish, but the headlight needs some touches. I'm going to sell it for at least 50-70€. Also the right one, but for much more money given the almost perfect condition (and it will be perfect after my DIY sorcery) :lol: I decided to go facelifted but halogen... because of a "used HID relay market shortage", there's literally not a single cheap option to go, and honestly, I was too brave on this project but I have zero time to do the wiring....... aaand because I realised that to have it compliant with the state inspection I need to keep washers untouched, meaning I would need to do the liquid tubing, wiring for the pumps and so on... :mad:

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Well... Poland. :lol: I'm going to check the whole polish internet or travel here if necessary, it's like 1-2 hours to the nearest border crossing. HIDs are from the Czech Republic. Nice thing about Central Europe is that we are so close to each other, it's just bad I do not understand hungarian which could have been another option. :lol: I will send you a PM if I'm successful.
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:lol:. Yes, PM!



At the moment, I could source the JDM version but I don't want to deal with switching the lens, or adjusting the aiming and stuff like that. I'd rather just use the EDM and be done with it.




And make sure to post a pic of your facelift!

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You may want to keep the headlamp washers if it's not too much of a PITA. Halogens don't need them in snow due to the heat they put out. HIDs put out very little heat compared to Halogens and snow buildup may be an issue.
RIP 96 Legacy 2.2 4EAT lost reverse @ 374,000 miles
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