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98 legacy outback rear wheel issues.

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So I'm getting quit frustrated with my car and I'm literally about to scrap the stupid thing but it's my only vehicle so that's a no go. I have a 98 legacy outback and somehow my wheel speed sensor got snapped on my left rear which of course threw me that beautiful, bright ABS light. No big deal I replaced it and reset the ecu but ABS light won't go off and mind you never had an issue with it beforehand, so whatever I kept driving it cause it feels to me like the ABS is working just fine. I recently replaced my whole drive shaft and U joints and now whenever I make a turn the wheel opposite of the direction I'm turning speeds up and starts peeling out while the one on the side I'm turning starts wobbling extremely bad and my drive shaft starts to bang. My wheel barings are new and good (I checked) my CV axles are good and my drive shaft is a week old! My belief is that my rear diff is bad but it was checked back in January by a mechanic and they said it was fine. Before I jump to worst case I'm wondering if maybe there's something I'm missing like a sensor or if the ABS could cause this I just need ideas cause I'm poor and can't afford a mechanic much less a new car. As a side note the car runs great and my transmission is shifting and working just fine.
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