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DRL question, along with HID question

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First of my car is a JDM 2000 Legacy, to pass inspection the previous owner would of had to add daytime running lights (at least i had to on my 99). The headlights come on as soon as the acc is met with key. Not sure where he hot wired them but im having a issue that may be related.


Along with the DRL mod he must of changed headlights to domestic ones and they are a bit of a hack. I have replaced them with the newer HID headlights from Japan that came with the car...most of the wiring was still there. Only problem now is they do not adjust. The switch was there and the wiring all looks good.


Any tips on whats going on would be greatly appreciated. One other wierd thing is that when i turn the driving lights on the lighting on the climate control turns off...im sure they are related some how...



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Are you able to test the new headlights from Japan? Are all plugs properly connected? If wiring looks good, how about the fuses? If its something that cannot be seen by the eye then you're left with checking for voltages..
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