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10 inch subwoofer installed in my spec b's rear deck


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Well I spent all day yesterday installing an infinity kappa 1000w 10"in the rear deck where the factory 8"cutout was. I did have to enlarge the hole and build a spacer. The sub is being powered by infinity kappa k600 amp.

In all honesty I'm not sure if it is worth it. I do still need to tune it, but I'm a bit underwhelmed...it's good, but I was hoping for more punch.




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Well done, looks clean. I'm no audio expert but if the sub isn't ment for free air then it won't work well. I had to learn how to make the most of little room in another car and learned choosing a sub for the size enclosure you can fit is the most critical. I used an 8in I think and it sounded much better then others who tried to cram a 10in in a small box.


If it is ment for a box maybe you can build a slim box to mount on the underside.


What interior is that anyway?

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Thanks. The infinity kappa 10 in is supposed the best free air for 2018, so that's why I chose it...but I have been thinking of fabing a box to the under deck...


It's the brick red interior in the original 500 spec b's btw.

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Sorry, I missed the last couple replies. I do have factory head unit with Bluetooth mod via jazzy, I'm using a line level converter that's built into the amp, so it does adjust through the unit. It was a bit of a challenge, took me all day and I use to install for circuit city. The top spacer was the most difficult part, as the deck had several changes in elevation so I ended up doing a lot of shaving the spacer and recheck the fitment. As you can see there is only one tensioner(it came with 2) I removed the other as it would not fit, then I installed a set of springs to help lift and keep the trunk open. I used a pneumatic metal saw(like a jig saw) to enlarge the hole.the tensioner doesn't really rattle, but the rear deck was rattling bad so I put several pieces of foam to tighten it up. It sounds and feels great, but I think fabricating a long sealed box on the underside would likely yield a significant gain in overall performance(I estimate a third).
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