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Not a pro-tuner, but I imagine many tuners prefer AccessPort since they can lock them and avoid having their IP "stolen" or re-sold. I personally don't think that happens very often, but that's surely a reason I've been given by pro-tuners before.


Both platforms have their ups and downs. If you're not tech savvy or have a computer architecture/engineering background, tuning OS can be quite limiting, since you're at the mercy of those who've defined the tables for the specific ECU. Meaning, sometimes there are useful tables not defined that may be defined on the AP. That said, there are also tables that OS has defined that Cobb hasn't released, but it may take some serious effort to uncover them.


The biggest advantage I see with the AP is real-time tuning, which is a huge time-saver and way more convenient for a lot of different tuning steps. It is a huge advantage, no doubt about it.

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I assumed tuners would prefer a professional product, but didn't know if it was because of locking or if there were other reasons. Every thread I look through about using an accessport or open source always ends up in a cost vs benefits debate.



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