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Starting issue please help!

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So here's the deal, when I get in my car in the morning to go to work it starts right up. When I leave work the car starts right up. If I try to start it again after driving it, it will not start. The ground strap from the transmission to the firewall gets glowing red when starting. I will be attaching a video showing this issue. Please give me any and all feedback available, thank you so much in advance!



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You must be missing a major ground strap somewhere from the engine to the frame. That little one from trans to body is no where near enough to carry starting current so it burns. That one is just meant to give sensors in the trans an accurate 0 volts.


I wouldn't try to drive it until you figure this out. It would suck to have your car burn down or short out a whole bunch of expensive sensors.


When you find that engine ground you'll want to undo it and wire brush/sand the connection points at the ends, and on the engine and frame. That strap itself may be too corroded in the middle to use. If you have a decent digital multimeter you can test the resistance of the strap while you have it off. If it is more than zero ohms get a new one.

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