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Suspension recommendation needed

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Hello, So my 2008 Legacy with 2.5 N/A motor now has 116,000 miles on it. The suspension is pretty well worn out. When I drove GM cars in the past, I'd replace the entire strut assembly, but I can't find those for the Subaru. What suspension parts do you recommend I replace (struts, springs, mounts, etc), and what brands would you recommend? Is there anything else you would recommend I replace while working on it?


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KYB is the generally recommended OE replacement shock. I personally prefer Monroe.

Sway bar end links are a common wear/replacement item. Moogs are durable, but OEM, generic, etc. all work fine till they break.

The rear bushings on the lower control arms tear and sag, eventually collapse. Inspect those.

While you're down there, inspect the CV boots. Replace them just before they tear.

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