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SPEC B interior to 05 detailed walkthrough.


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- People who originally had tan seats have one extra step.


- For some reason the newer years just flipped the plugs on for the seatbelt receiver.. they are the same plug. They just put the halves on opposite sides.


- If you had tan seats. You'll want to just swap the plug from the tan to the black.



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- Time for the backrest.


- 1st, let me help you avoid a big mistake.. DO NOT pull the back cover off from the bottom. Pull from the top. You will break the clips if you pull from the bottom.







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- Grab the Spec B backrest


- The hinge/motor assembly is attached with two bolts on each side.


- You will have to release the lower clips to be able to get access to the bolts.











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- Unclip the very bottom






- The power wire is ziptied to the hinge.







- Clip the tie, and remove the assembly. We won't be using this. Do what you wish with it.




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- the power cord on this seat is also ziptied to the hinge..


- remove these ties, and the whole assembly will come right out.







- Take this assembly and relocate it into the Spec B seat. It will bolt right in.






- Pull the seat cover back over, and clip it back together.





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- Put your seat back together.


- Use the plastics off your old 05 Seat.


- If you had tan seats before, you will have to source some black 05 plastics.











- It's ready for install now!!




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Are power seats special in any way compared to manual ones? They eigh more and can break. I just don't find myself concerned with adjusting my seat alot. I've never sat in a power seat so maybe the height adjustment might matter but, I've never felt too low or too high... My wagon has manual seats and I'm thinking of just keeping that for siplicities sake. Thoughts?
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