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Tires not rising with jack

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Hello! First post. Car is Subaru Legacy Outback '97


I'm working on bleeding my girlfriend's brake fluid and I was able to get the front driver side tire off and back on with my 2 ton jack on the pinch weld fine. Then I went to back passenger tire and it came off okay but would not go back on. The hub sank about an inch or so. If I pulled up on the tire hub, there was some give. I had to jack up the actual hub to get the tire on. When I slowly lowered the car, there was a rather startling noise. It seems to drive fine so far.


My main concern is not being able to get tires on and off as easily as I should using the same methods I use on my own car, which is a Corolla.


Any thoughts on what part of the car needs to be replaced? Struts? Part of the suspension? I'm new to Subarus and no one I know has had helpful information so far.



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suspension issue. Mine did it last time I had it up in the air. These cars are known to eat wheel bearings so that would be my first guess, but there are other parts of the suspension that could be to blame obviously. With that tire up in air, I would rock tire at 12 and 6 and see if you have play. If you do, its more than likely wheel bearing. If you ignore it long enough it will go ahead and let you know when its about to grenade on you. Ask me how I know lol.
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