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Car misfires at stop lights off and on threw codes


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Hello. This is my first thread so just a heads up. I have a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT. Lately my car has been acting up off and on. It recently threw misfire codes on the 3rd and 4th cylinders. The one thing I noticed is a coil pack connector is broke and I ordered a new one on eBay for like 15 bucks. I just recently changed the valve cover gasket to lesson my oil leaks so I can pinpoint anymore and broke it in the process. I did the with the engine still in the car and that is not a fun job.I have ran a few tanks with fuel injector cleaner and octane booster thinking maybe I keep getting bad gas somewhere or my injectors need a good cleaning. I also replaced the spark plugs too while I was in there with nkg plugs. My thoughts are after I replace the cool pack connector it will be fixed. If that does not work I am thinking bad coil packs because two cylinders are misfiring and I only have one broken clip. I also might check sensors but I have no codes and I thought cam, knock, and o2 sensors would tell the computer they are bad. Maybe not if they are just dirty? Any help could really be useful considering I am trying to keep this car running and cannot afford a new car at the moment.


Thank you

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The thing I am worried about the most is that the exhaust valves might need adjusting. The problems goes in and out so it gives me hope that this could be electrical or injectors. It does seem to have issues more in the cold before it warms up all the way. It seems to misfire less if I gradually come to a stop vs. slamming on my brakes. My tranny fluid is getting pretty bad and wondering if it could also be a torque converter going out.
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