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What Did You Do To Your 6th Gen Today Thread - Vol 3

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Replaced the brake fluid with Motul 660 yesterday using the motive pressure bleeder. The whole thing went very well. I was reluctant because bleeding the brakes by pedal went so awfully with my old optima and the subsequent drive to the dealership was dangerous. Glad I went this route this time.... One successful job pays for this bleeder for most people. For me it was a gift so it's even better.

Dash lit up on initial startup, but a restart cleared everything. Ready for the track again this coming Friday!

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Changed the pads this weekend...was running stoptech street pads on both axles and they were great for both street and track, however I did find something odd in the front.  The inside pads were worn down significantly more on the bottom than the top as if the bottom piston was clamping harder than the top one. This was consistent on both sides. 


Any ideas what might cause this?


I have one more track day coming up and I'm going to try Sports on the front and streets on the rear. So far after bedding them it stops noticeably harder with minimal extra noise which so far I'm only noticing in the rain at the final moment of stopping.


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