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2011 Subaru Legacy GT “DAM ISSUE” PLEASE HELP


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Hey people!

Wonder if somebody can give me some help?!

I Have a 2011 Legacy GT, I have a K&N filter, Cobb Electronic Boost Control, AEM fuel pump, catless downpipe and cat back exhaust.Had the car tuned last summer on the dyno stage 2, Ran good for alittle over a month boosting 17-19psi. DAM was steady at 1.0, all of a sudden boost dropped to 6-7psi and DAM dropped to 0.7 and running like garbage, talked to tuner had changes made to the map worked ok for couple weeks and then the same thing. Every time I reset ecu the time shortens before the DAM drops like something is getting worse as time goes by. Had the car retuned by another tuner , checked for vac leak(none) and the same thing is happening Datalogs are showing the DAM dropping and the boost going down, according to the tuner the car keeps going lean. I don’t want to just throw parts at it anymore, hoping somebody out there has some Ideas what might be happening and can lead me in some kind of direction to hopefully fix this on going problem I’m having????


Thanks in advance!


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