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About to purchase 02 Legacy GT Wagon JDM- any particular things to look at?

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Greetings from Japan. I am about to purchase a 2002 Subaru Legacy GT Auto Wagon. I know the engine is a little bit different here (and better:) ) than back in the states, but is there any thing chassis or car wise in general i should be looking out for when purchasing the vehicle? I wasn't really able to test out the 2.5 twin turbo as i only drove it below 40 miles during the test drive. But it was either this or a beat up honda fit!!


It's got extremely low miles - 60000KM (40K mi) and in very clean condition, minus a corner bump on the rear left, and the tires are worn and i may change them out. I'm reluctant to fix much because i'll only be here for a year, but i want to make sure i have a safe and fun vehicle.



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