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Interested in attending a great car event (notice I did not say show or race?)


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On May 5th, 2018 for those of you with competition oriented (highly modified) Subaru's, Evo's and Honda SI's, GTI's there will be a car event in Lincoln, California. It will be in a Shopping Mall off the 65 Highway. This event will consist of Classic Cars and Sport Compact cars. This will be the first time at this laid back annual event that Sport Compact cars will be on display from the four (4) above major manufacturers at this event. The Classic Cars will have their own trophy presentation. As the Classic car community has absolutely no idea how to evaluate a Sport Compact car. I will present three (3) very nice trophies to the best Sport Compact Cars at the event based on this criteria. 65% of the award will be graded on the technical aspects of the car, 25% on appearance and 10% on competitive achievements.


The event will have classic rock bands all day from 8:30am until 1pm. There are numerous restaurants in the mall and within walking distance and this is a family event. Oh yeah, there is a cost $20 per car.


This is the first time this event is allowing the sport compact community to participate. So you will need to be on your best behavior, no racing around the streets or parking lot will be allowed. As there will be a very large contingent of law enforcement officers both in and on the premises. There is no drinking of alcoholic beverages (no exceptions). You will be expected to pickup your trash and dispose of it in the many receptacles in the parking lot.


Again the type of Sport Compact vehicles that the promoter would like to see are those that have been highly modified and give the best representation of the attributes of what a Sport Compact car can become!


May 5, 2018 • Cinco De Mayo Register Before March 1st to Get a Free Car Show T-shirt • Classic and Sport Compact Car Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!! There is a minimum donation of $20 to benefit various local charities. Please arrive at the CENTURY 21 front office no later than 8:30 am on the day of the event

Name: _______________________________________________ Year __________________________

Company: ____________________________________________ Make _________________________

Phone: ______________________________________________ Model ________________________

Email: ________________________________________________ Color _________________________ As a participant of Century 21 Select Lincoln’s Annual Car Show, I agree to release Century 21 Real Estate, Inc., along with any other sponsors of this event, jointly and severally and each organization’s members, officers, officials, directors and chairpersons, jointly and severally from any and all liability arising out of this event. Signature Required________________________________________________ Date___________________________ Please submit this form BY MAIL to: 801 Sterling Pkwy., Suite 100 Lincoln CA 95648 BY FAX to: (916) 253-1706 BY EMAIL to: michele.merritt@c21selectgroup.com THANK YOU FOR SUBMITTING AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!

- Admin Use Only Date Received:_______ Payment Form: Cash Check Entered on Spreadsheet: ___ Number Assigned:______

Below is the information you need in order to sign up for this event.

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