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My '99 Wagon

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Time for me to start my own build thread!


I bought my legacy a few months ago and had to travel a few states over to acquire her. She's a '99 legacy L 30th anniversary 2.2L 5 speed (BK4) two owner wagon with 123k miles.










Not too bad of a start. She needed some work but I couldn't find something that clean for that price locally. Figures though that two weeks later I see a gt wagon exactly like what I was looking for to start with... :spin:


First thing to do was a complete stage zero. Fix everything and undo anything shotty. Luckily, this was a grandpa car owned by a secret agent man (it actually was, the guy was in counter intelligence) and the guy I bought it off of only owned it for 1000 miles so almost everything was mint and original.


So the list when I bought it:


  • Large exhaust leak
  • Needs clutch
  • Leaks oil
  • Brakes are mushy AF
  • Left turn signal doesn't operate properly
  • No timing belt history
  • Window switches occasionally INOP
  • Cruize control INOP


So on to tow it home.


(Yes I dropped the driveshaft)


When I got it home I bled the brakes and that solved the mushy brake pedal. Also did all new fluids everywhere and new air filter. Then got on the leaking exhaust. The pipes just before the second cat had cracked at the welds. Welded it all up and was good to go. Finally I picked up new window switches and key fabs a the local Pull-a-Part.


Soon after I tackled the oil leak and clutch in the same go. Pulled the motor, new clutch, the metal updated separator plate, valve cover gaskets, lash the valves, PCV valve, and spark plugs for good measure.Also inspected the timing belt and it had clearly been done recently.. very recently. I plan on this motor only lasting me about a year before a turbo find its way in and I'm very confident the belt will last me till then.


So I stab the motor back in and she doesn't run right. Its misfiring, and just not behaving or driveable. See ‘99 EJ2.2 P0340 code; misfires above idle.


Finally figured out that the leaking (disconnected) sunroof drain caused all the connectors in the passenger footwell to not be happy. Cleaned all those and it was good to go.

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Decided to capture both my '99s




I thought everything should be done and ready to go.. But no...


It was still puking oil from somewhere.. The timing cover looked like it was dripping oil so new cam and crank seals solved that problem.


My list has now expanded/updated to:

  • Antenna doesn't go all the way down
  • RR Rear sway bar mount is rusted and broken
  • RR Brake caliper decided to lock up
  • Cruize still INOP
  • It was found that rear strut seats (the struts themselves) was pretty rusted away


For the rear sway bar mounts I found some later model reinforced ones off a 2005 impreza 2.5rs. I performed my Hydrolysis treatment, painted them and installed them.


Next was the antenna and cruize. Ordered a new antenna mast and that was set to jet. Then the cruize turned out to be a split hose on the vacuum pump and a nylon bump stop thing on the clutch. I fired up the atlas lathe in the basement and made my own new nylon bump stop thing.


Whilst doing all the other fixes I restored the headlights; way better now.


Everything was finally together enough to become a daily.


Let the Mods begin!

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Well.. I needed struts anyway...


I guess some JDM BG5 Bilsteins would work




I came across these on Craigslist. Got them for an AMAZING deal; I couldn't be happier. The deal came with struts obviously but also JDM BG5 OE springs, H&R springs for a GC (P/N 29472 VA & 29472 HA) and '04 STI springs. He also threw in some wrx brake calipers as a friendly gesture.


I got around to installing them and this is the result. I wasn't sure what springs I wanted so I just started with the H&R's.


So here is the stock height.



Here is the H&R's



About perfect in the front, way too low in the rear. Especially with the hitch I found on CL and installed... It dropped the whole car 2.5" on every corner.


So I threw in the OE BG5 springs.



Now it's about perfect in the rear... a bit high in the front for me I think. These OE springs dropped the front about 1" from USDM factory and about 1/2" drop in the rear.


I'm debating dropping the front somehow (about 1/2"-1") yet but I think I'm gunna leave it like this for now. If I plan on turboing this in the future I recon the extra weight of the turbo and such will pull the ride height down a touch. Also I think the rims I plan on putting on it would make everything look better. Plus this will be more comfortable in the meantime for sure.

Im open to thoughts/opinions though.


Finally! Enough for now.. but no rest for the wicked. It needs tires.. BAD. Turns out they have dry rot cracks radially in the tire. I mean... i was gunna get better rims for it but I guess they need to be acquired sooner...


So if anyone knows where to find some '10-'14 WRX rims... Im looking. Also looking for some GT snowflakes.

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Don't worry, I'm smarter than the average bear. ;) It was all the local Uhaul had so I had to make due.



I had a little Easter father/son project and installed a maad fire extinguisher.




Think it came out pretty good.




Also, stay tuned for some goodies to come...

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Glad to see that last project. I have one for each car, but so far I haven't installed them. They just roll around the footwell. Your pic shows how easy it will be in the Subi. No crazy fab for the bracket. I don't know if the 76 Volare will be as easy...
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I couldn't find anywhere else sensible to put it either. In my Dakota its right behind my drivers seat because there is a cab wall there but this was the best place for the legacy.


I remembered seeing it way back when they were messing with 2sexy and Wasaabi and I decided to go that route. Took maybe 20 mins and the aluminum bar stock cost like $7 for a 3' stick. The aluminum was pretty easy to work with too, just easily bend it wherever you want it to go.
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It finally came in the mail! Strait from Japan..



(Also a snoobaru sticker from Whisky and Whisky)




Its an RFRB wing!




I only mocked it up for now. I'm gunna have to find some time to install it. I did look and the rear third brake light in the car now has the same connector as the new wing so wiring should be a breeze!




Also picked up some GT rims and tires this weekend.




It looks soooooooooooo much better with these



Its finally coming together! Like I said, I gotta find time to install the wing then I think the next thing to do is to get a window tint. Im thinking 35% in the rear then the front two windows 45%.


Also apparently the one cam seal is leaking again so I guess I have to fix that again.... yayyy

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  • 2 weeks later...
Nice wagon!




I cant wait to work on her more...


I ordered some whiteline camber bolts that just came in to correct the camber in the rear from the JDM springs and I have to install my wing.

Also picked up some stuff for another project Im working on. Ill be sure to show it all shortly.


I just have to get through finals first... DMC, Thermodynamics, and Intro to Basic EE finals all in one day... back to back :( this will be fun...

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Poosh, what rims are those? They look fantastic!




Also, what tint is that. Looking to get tint soon; not sure what percents to get. Im thinking like 20% in the rear and like 35% in the front. I say 20% because I believe that is what a factory car's rear tint and 35% because... I dont know.


Problem Is, 50% is the max legal limit.

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The rims are BBS RK's(?), they were an option for the 02-03 WRX. 17x 7 i think. I love em. As far as the tints, I thinkkk theyre 35%. I got it done a couple years ago so the memory is a bit hazy on that.
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ya, looks like 16ish to me also. three of mine have 16 front and 4% around the back, too dark for out of the city at night tho.


and totally illegal here in AZ. 35% on front side windows, and as dark as you want on the rest. you can paint them black if you want

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The laws here in VA are really strict too, the legal limit is 50% front and 35% rear. But I've never been bugged about it, I also have the trunk side windows tinted and vinyl wrapped so they only look tinted but you can't see through them at all.
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I think Ive decided on 20% I the rear and 35% in the front. Gunna go talk to a tinter and see when I can book an appt.


Now that finals are done I can start doing things again. Ive noticed that the brakes are absolutely woeful;complete trash... I can hardly lock up the brakes when trying to. The most im able to do is make the rear tires only just lock up at just the last second before I come to a full stop. Unacceptable.


Luckily, I have those ~'04 WRX brake calipers to go on. I just ordered the rotors for it but i'm undecided about the pads. I think I might go with Akebonos because I'm told they're pretty good and I like the price. I thought about EBC but they want alot for those...


Im curious what the peanut gallery thinks so I want to hear your guy's thoughts on brake pads!!


I have hawk performance on my truck right now and I love them; they're nice and affirmative braking and when they warm up I can feel the added brake power. They do dust a bit so Im thinking ceramics for Gramps.


Really looking for something that is great at daily driving but can handle some spirited driving too. Ive already found the fade point of the existing pads so if that's any indication...

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Just got the rotors in the mail, Still not sure about what pad to run though. Kinda want to hear your guy’s opinions; especially about ceramics as I’ve never run them before.


Hopefully I’ll have some time this week to finish electrolysis dipping the caliper and brackets and paint them.


Goal is to get everything on and the wing on before this weekend.

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