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My OBP 04 Outback 3.0R H6 goes Spec.B 6MT w/DCCD & BBS-LM build thread

ton G.I.

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Hello together,


i'm Can from Germany. I'm an absolute jdm-carguy, a subaru fan since 9 years so and i own several cars,

a 99 Forester 2.0 GX offroad/winter mode

a 99 Forester 2.0 S-turbo with a complete WRX swap and STI goodies

a 04 STI Racecar which i'm going to break...

a 13 Nissan R35 GTR

aaaaand now 2004 Outback :)


To the story:

I owned an silver 2004 Legacy Spec B 3.0R with a factory fitted 6MT one year ago. I really loved this car and after i sold it, i missed it very much... no other car made me feel "coming home" like this...


img_0969phu6w.jpg img_09736lu4w.jpg img_09752bumv.jpg



One day searching for pictures in google, i saw these of a slammed Outback GT in the states:


http://abload.de/thumb/6522843273_9a62a0ab1fx3sp1.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/fb76736cd4f4a85bbae86d3s81.jpg



Man i was absolutely in love! So i decided to buy one again! But this time, i needed the outback, not the legacy!

I wanted that factory-widebody, only the outback has! But i also wanted a manual transmission, because driving automatic is absolutely boring... makes you feel like an old man. :lol:


In europe, we unfortunately don't have any turbo versions of the BL/BP Legacy/Outback... so there were three ways to go:

1. import a 2.0 GT-B 5MT from Japan and swap it to an Outback

2. buy a 3.0R Spec.B 6MT Legacy again and swap the body-parts to get an Outback

3. buy a 3.0R Outback with auto transmission and swap it to a manual


Option one is not a good idea, the turbo engine is known for failing and the 5MT is also not the best way to go, every WRX driver with power will agree.

Option two is very expensive, because you cannot find a SpecB... and when you do, not under 6 grand and then you alsp need an Outback for breaking to get all the bodyparts...


i dedided to take way number three, so i searched all the car-trading websites but due to the big german manufacturers like BMW, VW, Audi, BMW,... Subaru is not that popular here and has just a small fanbase.

So it's quite hard to find one which is exactly what you're looking for... but after i spent some time searching, i found and bought an OBP Outback 3.0R 5AT from 2004 with 200k kilometers (140k miles) for about 4k $... which was a quite good price i think :)

The condition of the interieur and the outer body was very nice and clean... but it seems that the pre-owner drove the car every winter... and he didn't use to wash the salt off after the winter, so the unterside is a little bit rusty... not too bad but you have to do somthing, when you want to keep the car some time...

Thats also why it was cheaper than others.


Acutually, i'm using the car as a daily driver... but for the summer season, i'm planning big upgrades! :) Some new parts arrived and some more are on their way :)


The setup i plan:


-3.0R with a 6MT STI DCCD Transmission

-BBS LM 146 9,5x18 ET 30

-KW var. 2 coilovers from "gepfeffert.com" translated: "peppered" (they take special shortenen KW coilovers and make a perfect setup for everyone who wants to drive really low :spin:

-USDM normal halogen Headlights with black inlay (i have to look for some here...) beacourse the EDM/JDM versions do not have the orange part in the turn light, i love soo much :cool:

-engine gets boost... a second engine is already in building progress... but more info later here :)

-Some more nice details and parts...


stay tuned, more pictures coming soon

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sorry for no more updates... bought a new car and this is prio 1


it's an R34 Skyline Vspec 2 :)


Why on earth did you go do that??


Should have done the 3.0 6MT. I was about to post that the 5eat-->standard has some headaches if you search this site.

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hey guys.. sorry for the late feedback.. i'm very busy now at work :)


here i have some pics from Zilla :lol:


38036949_159075227105y9kdv.jpg 39509523_238359380833ifk3d.jpg img_2690uxjcw.jpg img_2912rckmb.jpg img_0845kqkhu.jpg img_0941zlj5n.jpg



But guys... since just ONE car is not enough, work is going on on my Outback.... because... i just love it too! :cool:


I sold the KW coilovers, that i bought last year, because the fitment was really bad.

i had to put the rear coilover on the highest position and the front nearly on the lowest to get a normal stand without a "hanging ass"... so i sold it and now looking for some K-sport, D2, BC Racing or Tein FlexZ coilovers to geht the car on a beautiful height.... :spin:


As soon as more parts arrive, i'll post more updates from that.


And there's one more point that confuses me...

a friend from the german Subaru community, who is also working at a subaru dealership, just told me, that the US-Spec Headlights, that i want... won't fit on a EU-spec car like mine. :mad:


I compared the two versions on pictures, but i cannot find a difference. Here are two examples: A JDM headlight, which is similar to our EUDM version and the USDM one... the photos are just in a little bit different angle, so the upper side looks different... but my friend said, that the US versions are BIGGER at the fender side... but i still don't want to believe that...

He said, that one customer came to his shop with his US imported legacy and had to convert the headlights to our "adjustabe beam" versions to get "TÜV" we call it here (inspection for legality for two years)... so he said that after he put the EU spec headlights in the US car, there was an open space between the fender and the headlight... he said "about 3-4cm" (1 - 1,5 inch)... i can't believe that...


Now, could someone measure his headlight for me in every direction? from one corner to the other and the height and so on...

Since we have metric system in germany, it would be great when somebody has a metric scale on his tool...

legacyhead1erj10.jpg legacyhead2q4kb5.jpg

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Given that many swap JDM A-C headlights into their USDM 05-07s with no issues, I believe he was commenting on a facelifted D-F Outback (USDM 08-09). I had the opposite issue, I bought JDM headlights and realized that I needed JDM fenders, or I would have that gap that you mention.
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thanks for your experience :)


... or I would have that gap that you mention.


can you explain, where the gap exactly was?


i'm looking for a pair of headlights in ebay.com... no sets of USDM ones but found two sellers, that offer both sides seperately... but there's no one without a broken tab.


During search, i realized that there are also different headlights... with chrome reflector and with black reflecor... does someone know which part number the black ones have?


but as long as i don't know for sure if the US spec will fit, it's a little bit risky to buy...

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Hey guys! I have some news...


i lowered my Outback with some D2 coilovers, put my BBS LMs on an did an STI Brembo conversion.


Here some pics!


img_6860mljdo.jpg img_686198kpg.jpg img_6862vwk7d.jpg img_686381jxa.jpg img_6864zyj0d.jpg img_6865ycko4.jpg img_68707aj1e.jpg


The US Headlight also arrived, but didn have time to modify the wiring.


BUT, guys, there's a big problem and i need some help, i try to explain:


First you have to know, that in the end i want to have a slammed black Outback with a 6 speed manual transmission.

Now... i have a BLACK Outback 3.0R with 5-AT

and i have a SILVER Legacy SpecB 3.0R with 6-MT


The Problem:

The Outback is Automatic but black and an Outback...

The Legacy is NOT an Outback-body but has already a 6MT but is silver


solution1: taking all the black bodyparts from the Outback, put them on the Legacy, and bring the car to the paint-shop to color the remaining silver areas black. Also the Legacy suspension parts are better for lowering.


solution2: stay on the outback chassis, try fit in the 6MT transmission mechanically AND electrically. convert everythin to manual transmission, like pedals, shifter, driveshaft, specB speedo, .... very complicated work... i couldn't finy anyone in germany, who did this conversion... so it could go fatal

Also the outback chassis is rusty... not very bad but the Legacy chassis is way better condition.

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Yes, of course.

Unfortunately i was so busy with work and with rebuilding our houses over the winter, that i couldn't spend much time on the cars...

in few weeks my workshop is ready with a car-lifter and everything so the "swap" can begin :)

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