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Whoose californian black Outback is this? BBS LM Wheel specs?

ton G.I.

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Hey guys, i'm about to go crazy!


I found these photos from that black Outback with the BBS LM wheels on it.

All the links on google picture search and pinterest end in the "lowered thread part1", unfortunately with lots of down photos : http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/official-lowered-outback-thread-v1-closed-180375.html


after hours of checking nearly all the pages, i still cannot find whoose car THIS is:


http://abload.de/thumb/8fd877a5bce0de14129bct0sty.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/74f7021751cca88821e466nspk.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/6522843273_9a62a0ab1fx3sp1.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/b0139_subaru_legacy_4x5sti.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/dsc_8959qus0s.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/img5541-x212s49.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/fb76736cd4f4a85bbae86d3s81.jpg


Then i finally found this album from "luis3rd":


Don and Roger's lesbowagons -


Please help me to find the owner,... i need to know the specs from that BBS LM wheels! :)

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I'm so in love with that fitment... building a nearly same clone of that car now. In Germany, we have only autmatic outbacks with the 3 liter engine... so i have to swap a complete SpecB setup... I'll start a project thread here also :)
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