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Transmission Shop in SF bay?


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I'm looking for a shop in the San Francisco or Monterey Bay area, preferably San Jose, south bay. I have a 4eat in our 1998 wagon & have lost the rear drive. I have tested various thing, including swapping TCU & IMHO it's the clutch packs or related, in the rear of the trans... I've called various shops, including some of the Subaru specialty shops & gotten answers including "we don't work on A/Ts", "we don't work on Subaru A/Ts" & from the dealers "that will be $3500 for a rebuilt trans" (dealers don't open A/Ts) :icon_neut


Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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I went to Alan at Kwik Shift, at the recommendation of my long time friend Rick, who's shop is a couple of doors down...


He ended up rebuilding the "transfer case" (section at the rear of the A/T), everything else still looked good @ 195K miles. Maybe regular fluid changes with synthetic ATF helped...


Picked it up Friday, so far so good. AWD is working again! :icon_chee

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