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2005 Outback XT "stealth build"


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My old STi:


The day I picked her up in Cali:



The day I sold her:





I do not regret selling the 2011 STi in the least bit. To me, it simply felt like an economy car with a (quite nice, admittedly) drive train upgrade.



Even though the STi was a much newer car, the quality of the interior on this 2005 OBXT is just night and day better! The fabric on the STi seats is notoriously easy to wear through, whereas the leather seats on the OBXT are wearing like granite! The STi was cheap and tinny sounding and feeling in regard to the doors shutting, whereas the OBXT is solid.


I've read or heard this before, but I believe it absolutely true - this generation of Legacy GT/Outback XT is truly a "gentleman's STi," which is to say, there is a ton of performance, without being overtly obvious about it. Much cheaper insurance premiums to boot. ;)




I just did the exact opposite of you. Too bad we didn’t run into each other last year we could have traded.

Look my username up and you will see my Atlantic blue Outback XT sleeper


The STI is tinny because it has no sound deadening in it. Def not meant to be a refined car. When I first got it I didn’t like the fact that it wasn’t as refined as my Outback XT but now I am used to it and Love how easy it is to work on the interior of this thing. For example the instrument cluster removal.

I used to own Jeeps and it’s real similar. Carpet, metal [emoji4] no padding

I might end up sound deadening it in the future and getting some better carpet


The STI with similar suspension set ups handles so much better than my outback XT did even with all the mods.

I put the Racecomp GTWorx kit on the STI with yellow springs and bilstein struts


Anyway good luck with your build. It’s a fun car to mod. 6 speed with DCCD pro was one of the best mods I did to my outback.

If you ever have any questions hit me up.


I’d have loved to had your “burple” STI


How many miles on it when you sold it?




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