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what gas do you use?

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the only gas station around my town is

1.sunoco with 93 max

2.delta sonic 93 max with an out of order racing gas nozzle..

(I wonder if it will ever be in order though....)

3. mobil


and a lot of shady gas stations at indian reservations, which I dare not to go to.


since I live right by the canadian boarder, I'll add those too.


esso - max 91 or 93 I think.

petro canada - dunno what the max octane is

shell - v power but it doesn't show the octane level.. the station also looks super old, so I doubt the quality is as good as shell should be.. maybe it's just a 91 v powered.. not too sure..


which is the best gas?

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I live in Canada but always get the best mileage with the Sunoco 93 when I drive in the states.


In my Maxima I would get 29-30 doing 140 with Canadian gas and would get 34-35 (consistently) with Sunoco 93. Not sure about power though, but I am sure the two are related.

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In PA we can get Sunoco Ultra which is 94 octane. The other day I went to Sam's Club and got gas there. It's 93 Octane. The strange thing is it seems that my studdering problem has gotten better sinc I changed gas. I had the reflash but, like most of us, the studdering returned. But now it seems better with the Sam's gas.

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The LGT likes Shell 93 V-power (local N.E. Illinois blend) containing up to 10% ethanol. Currently paying $2.86/gal. The Illinois farmers have a lot of political clout (and way too much corn) so the state has a regulation that all gas sold in Illinios must contain ethanol, even if other oxygen carrying compounds would be more efficient and cost less. 10% ethanol actually reduces overall mpg by about 4%.


Oh for the good old days when my 63 Vette 327/340 with 11.25:1 compression would just ping a little on Sunoco 260 (101 octane leaded) @ 29 cents a gallon!

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