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Anyone Sporting the New Sideskirts from Subaru for the GT?

Subie Gal

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hey guys...


wondering if any of you have seen or purchased the new GT Sideskirts from Subaru?


**Some details:**

They are OEM style

Prepainted to match

Sold in a set (pair)

Include hardware

and have a Chrome accent piece along the topside???


I'm asking only because I dont think anyone knows about these

They would be very classy accent for a show car or someone who wanted a little bling :D


I brought a set in just to see what they were all about.

They're pretty slick looking :D


I WISH I could capture in a photo what you see in person

but maybe this gives an idea?



(trust me, they dont look cheesy. they look really nice icon_tongue.gif )



Anyone running them yet?


Or did i stumble on an item nobody's onto just yet?



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Some members when they bought their cars already have this installed. I have seen this looks nice on darker colored cars the chrome pops out more than light colored ones.




any photos that you know of out there?


i've run a search and come up empty.....


I thought, looking at these, that they looked REALLY good.



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Jamie, I bet if you took a walk on the lot, you'd see this accessory on a couple of the cars. Maybe not, but I remember back in May or June when this was a new accessory that one or two members were complaining that ALL the new LGTs on the lot had this on them.


[Most recent thread: http://www.legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21017 ]


Anyway ... not a new item, but still agreed that it would look best on dark cars (black, regal blue)


Got any other new toys for us? :D


How about body color matched mud guards? :)

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My car came with these installed. I took the last 05 off the lot, so I got stuck with the options they chose for it, which was a spoiler (BLEH!) and the side skirts. I don't mind the side skirts, but they show every water spot very well.
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I've got mine on my Black GT with my black rims with the chrome lip, and they look bad ass, if I may say so myself. I'll get some pictures for you guys up soon. If you go with black I think it looks pretty damn good.


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Those aren't a different set of side-skirts for the GT. All your looking at is the "Rocker Panel Trim" that Suby offers. That's the chrome peice in question.


In the pamphlet given to me:

"Replaces stock rocker panel cover with a stylish chrome finish insert." For GT models.

(Available August 2004.)

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Wonder how they look on the red GT


they look sweet...i bought my 06 SWP 2.5SE from a guy with an 05 GRP LGT and both had them. I like them a lot b/c not too many people have them and it adds a little extra without being too much. The silver blends into the white nice.

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