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exhaust system - downpipe to tips

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I'm late to the exhaust mod game. So far my 2007 LGT has the original exhaust system at ~143k miles. But I'm starting to hear some sounds that suggest rot inside the system or otherwise something not quite right.


I've put off a lot of the "fun" mods - no tuning or suspension bits, other than Whiteline bushings and front swaybar links. But I'm thinking it might be time to have a little fun with things. So I'm considering a complete re-do of the system, replacing the downpipe through to the end, then adding the tuning component.


I'm not a fan of loud exhaust. So for aftermarket, the Borla system seems to get the consensus on the quietest. I'm not clear on what downpipes would be a good fit or if the Borla kit covers everything back from the downpipe. Is see that Invidia downpipes mate to the Borla.


Anyone have suggestions on downpipe/exhaust system combinations? Again, I'm looking to keep it relatively quiet. A little louder than stock is fine, but I have a motorcycle for getting my exhaust noise jollies.


Thanks for any input!


Eville Rich

2007 LGT MT

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The Borla sounds like a good choice for you. People on the forum say it's one of the quieter catbacks.


You can just get the catback for the noise and leave the rest stock. If you change the intake or any other part of the exhaust though you will need a tune. You probably don't need a tune for just a catback.


If you're looking for performance, I recommend getting an AccessPort, a downpipe, and a tune.



Dave and Cryo Tuning and Mike at Tuning Alliance. Contact at T.A. is Brittany. TA will sell you parts too, unsure about cryo.


Also, you may need a ~$40 3" to 2.5" adapter for a 3" aftermarket downpipe. I think the stock catback and Borla are both 2.5".


What area are you in, friend?

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3rd the Borla. Looks almost like the stock tips, just a little bigger. Purrs nicely at idle and it opens up nicely if you get on it while still having very little drone in the wagon.


I have mine paired with a Invidia catted downpipe. If I hadn't gotten the deal on the downpipe I would have gone for the Cobb or Grimmspeed as I prefer the location of their catalytic converter a bit more.

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