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why is this happening? (datalog)

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2006 LGT 80,000mi 5eat stage 2 91oct. cobb ots map.


I logged 2 3rd gear passes tonight and noticed what felt like mild stumbles. When I checked the log I noticed in a few spots where the RPMs actually drop instead of rise though I'm at WOT. Any idea what would cause this? Anything else look odd on this log? Any other parameters I should log that might help?






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I don't have btSsm. Would the AP af learning 1a,b,c,d be similar? I can do a smoke test maybe this weekend..Protune is in the near future. Was concerned about boost creep (noticed the peak on my AP was 17.3-17.9) so I did the logs tonight to confirm it was just a spike. That looks like it occurs when I shift.
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