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2005 LGT Wagon, 225/50R17 Tires, Stock wheels & suspension


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I found a great deal recently on some barely-used Michelin X-Ice snow tires in the 225/50R17 size. I checked the size quickly and it was a little bigger in diameter than the 235/45R17’s I was running on my summer wheels, but not much. Went ahead and bought them…. That was in like September I think. Got home, did some searching on here, and the general consensus seemed to be that there was no way they would fit without spacers. “Well I’ll have to figure that out later I guess…” …and they got bagged & stacked in the basement.

Fast forward to this week… cold weather has arrived so I needed to get them on the car. I had the tire shop test fit one on the front to check for strut clearance before mounting them all… and I was pleasantly surprised. It is very close, but should be fine. They come no closer than the strut/tire clearance on my Escort with my Hoosier slicks mounted, and those don’t rub even during relatively extreme high speed cornering. I’ve been driving on the snow tires for a few days now, and even over bumps while turning I haven’t heard any fender rubs either. Good to go!


Just figured I’d post this info on the forum for posterity. This may not hold true for all 225/50R17’s, but at least for the Michelin X-ice… they fit.

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