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05 legacy gt HID upgrade help.


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Hello all, so recently I have been doing some reaearch on installing HIDs into my 2005 legacy gt. I know there are a lot of way to do this and a lot are unsafe. The main reason I want to do this is to improve lighting and safety so I can see better. I do NOT want to be blinding other drivers down the road. Please don’t flame me on this. I do not know much about lights but want to do this correctly and safely the first time around while improving my visibility.


So I have basically narrowed it down to 3 options


First would be to just buy a jdm set converted to usdm pattern. (Honestly I feel like this may be my best but not the easiest to sorce) also I wanted to make sure everything wires up and don’t have safety issues with that


Second option is a kit like the retro-quick retrofit with new projectors and bulbs and ballast. For this I would need to crack open the headlights which I am not sure how I would feel about doing that.


Third option I have seen some people do and they say if you fill in the squirl finder holes that is is safe and doesn’t blind other drivers but I have no way to verify this. This would be peicing together some parts but would be running off the stock projector housings


Ds2 bulbs

H7 to D2S adapters to fit in hole


Really harness

H7 to D2S wiring harness

Then fill in squirl finder holes


I want to make sure whichever route I go I am not blinder other drivers and I am improving my visibility. I also want to make sure that I don’t have to worry about my lights shuting off or the wiring smoking while going down the road. So quality parts are a must. I also would like to keep this on a decent budget if possible. I appreciate any and all knowledge help.

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Talk to this member about sourcing you a JDM set, they are pretty local to you I think: http://legacygt.com/forums/member.php?u=82086


A retroquick setup with replacement projectors shouldn't blind other drivers, install can just be a bit finicky and the ballasts are sometimes an issue--but all-in-all they are high quality components from what I've seen.

"Bullet-proof" your OEM TMIC! <<Buy your kit here>>


Not currently in stock :(

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