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Muffler delete on 1999 B4 2.0 n/a


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Hi guys,


I have 1999 naturally aspirated 2.0 B4. It's bone stock in terms of engine and exhaust and I'm looking to get a bit of that subi growl out of it for cheap. I'm considering a simple muffler delete, as that seems to be the cheapest way to get a nicer sound.


Does anyone know/has tried a muffler delete on a NA flat 4 subaru, and what it would sound like? Would it have any kind of growl, and not be too loud to keep my neighbors sane?



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Hard to find videos on the exact engine. I guess I could just try it -> removing the 2 bolts and slip the rubber hangars off. If I did decide to go with it, what would be the cheapest way to get a pipe welded on that would run from the sawed off point out the back of the car? What kind of shops would do that for cheap, or if I just got the pipe made and rented a welder myself. Not sure
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