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Noise when going over 50-60 km/h!

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Hi all!

Need some help with a bad noise coming from the front end of the car when going over 50-60 km/h. Have got the wheel bearings checked so thats not the problem.

The sound matches the speed of the car, not rpm. Sounds like a bearing of some sort, its like a weak whining noise.

Have had this sound for many months, but it has not gotten any worse over time...

Any help would be much appreciated!


Car: Subaru Legacy 2004 2.0L Manual. :)

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Its a manual, so the tailshaft bearing is a weakness here?

Car has 140000 miles on it...


Yep tailshaft bearings are junk. Subaru has gone through two or three different revisions for those bearings.


On my Forester, it was the bearing on the center diff that failed. That caused the circlip to pop off the diff and grind into the drive gear and chipped them. That was my source of noise.

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