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Anyone in a '17 3.6R have a ticking sound...

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near the sub in the rear windshield?


I don't know exactly where it's coming from, but, does anyone happen to know how to remove the rear carpeted piece that houses the sub? When I go in from the trunk, there's no space, so, I'm thinking I may have to drop the rear seats to get at it? There's this 'buzz' or 'ticking' sound back there that I need to tackle, alongside the one for the speaker grille on the front left side of the windshield.


This constant tick/buzz is killin' me...and that carpeted piece is so fragile, I don't want to break it. Sometimes, my kid sits back there and he hears it too. The wife, however, cannot hear it. :icon_conf

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I sometimes hear what I think you are talking about. There are two clips on the top of the trunk - not on the part that opens. I used some gorilla tape to hold them down/mute the vibrations and that seemed to do it for me. There was also another ticking sound which came from where the back seats lock into place. The plastic clips in there were a little lose so I took them out and covered them with sticky tack and pushed back in so they were snug.


There is still an occasional rattle from the back (seems to happen when the gas tank is completely full - not sure if it's a coincidence or if I'm just looking for an explanation) but patching up those couple spots fixed the biggest/most annoying stuff and I think would be a good place to start.


On an anecdotal note, my family has had many Subarus and they all seemed to develop a ton of rattles eventually, so I plan to stave off what I can while the car is new and embrace the rattles once (if) a lot of them develop haha.

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Yeah, thought about the warranty part of it, but, I dunno if I would rather deal, or, have them 'fix' it? :lol:


And no, MilesA, it's definitely resonance from that back panel. When I thump on it, lightly, I can reproduce it. When the noise is there, on random occasions, it's annoying. Then, goes back to quiet. Later, go over a slight bump, and ack! Back again!


I'll take a look at the back panel this weekend, since I'll finally be home. If I can't figure it out, I may just have the dealer look at it. Sojax are good people... ;)


At the end, it's a car that I love to be in. The '18 OB is real nice, too, but, I'm usually the passenger in that one. :)

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You'll need a bit of patience and some time on your hand if you want to investigate under the rear carpeted piece.


To remove that panel, fold down the rear seats. remove the plastic trim behind the seats. There are 2 black clips on the outside and 4 trim push clips on the inside. check my post here for more info on getting this off http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/did-you-do-your-6th-gen-today-thread-vol-2-256186p129.html


Then you'll need to remove the trim pieces in the rear quarter. they are held by 3 or 4 trim push clips. you'll need to just pull them out. if you have any clips stuck in the body, be careful when you pull them out. if they fly and fall into the dark abyss on the sides, you'll need to go digging for them behind/under the seats.


The carpeted panel itself is held by about 4 trim push clips. get your trim tool under it and pop it up. be careful as that panel is pretty thin. don't force it too much at the wrong angle.


Before you do all this check the plastic piece that surrounds the trunk light. The other day when I was doing stuff, I heard that piece vibrate with thumps. I never heard it from inside the car, but may be your vibrations are worse or my hearing is not that great. Its worth checking that before you start pulling trim.


Good luck with your hunt. I feel your hesitation going to the dealer with these. it usually ends up in "we don't hear anything. Its working as it should" and you just wasted your day

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So based on the pic (attached by tornichoe in the thread he referenced (thanks again, btw)), I believe I will have to take the carpeted cover off.


Seems there is a plastic 'box' that probably contains the middle seat belt that is making the noise. Even though the plastic box is in the trunk, the carpeted piece in the rear probably lets in all the sound when said box vibrates.


Not sure (yet) how to get that little box to quiet down, but, at least I know mostly where the sound is being generated. Ran out of light, this evening, so, will continue to look into it this weekend. BTW, the box is 'not' part of this picture.


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I found an image of an STi, but, it's probably the same way in the legacy. The seatbelt housing is plastic...and rattles. That plastic rectangle piece rattles in the trunk and is sort of muffled by the rear shelf.


May just call the dealer and have them look at it/fix it. Maybe they can add some foam around the seal, or remove the plastic cover, etc. There are airbags behind the panels that need to be removed to get to this point and I don't want to make a mountain out of a mole hill. :lol:


Of course, were I to attempt it, I'd unplug the battery before I tackled anything.


Pic credit -- https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2695956


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And one last suggestion, which I found again on nasioc...


"Rear deck area rattle where third brake light is...

Solution - center seat belt plastic cover in trunk was loose, the piece that covers the retractable part. Silicone around top edge to hold it in place"


Seems like my issue. Cheers!


Edit: I somehow just jiggled the box, and got it to stop. Hopefully, for a long while. :)

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