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2015 Legacy 3.6R TIres


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It's been difficult researching tires since there aren't a lot of reviews for owners of 2015-2018 3.6R Legacy. I've looked at the Tire Rack reviews ad nauseam for some insight. I try and take them with a grain of salt since the unknown is whether the owner rotated regularly, proper alignment etc.


Having owned many cars, I've learned that tire characteristics on one car might exhibit different ones on another.


My criteria in order are low noise, a bit sporty and finally tread wear.


Without going into exhaustive detail, I am limited to Bridgestone tires. My options are:

  • Potenza RE970AS: 225 50 18

  • Potenza RE97AS: 225 50 18

  • DriveGuard: 225 50 18

  • Turanza Serenity:
    235 45 18
    (confirmed w/ Subaru size will be OK)


I know the RE970AS & RE97AS have less than stellar reviews on Tire Rack but there has also be some positive ones online. I've read conflicting reviews on road noise for both.


I'm not sold on the run flat tires; the last thing I want to do is replace them because of pot-hole strikes.


The Turanza Serenity Plus will be a different than stock size so I'm not sure if the slightly lower profile sidewall will have a noticeable impact. While the majority of the reviews confirmed it's a quiet tire, there also have been some conflicting reviews.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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