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fuel pump issues start at what milage?

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Hi folks, its been a long journey.

Finally got a new motor in my 09 legacy and for a few months it was running pretty smooth. Then i had to change the starter...


Today my car was kinda struggling when i was backing up and 5min later when I try to park on semi-steep hill, it CUT off on me:spin: I got it to start back up no problem, but at that point I had to rev the engine a little for it to get power and stay on.


Battery & starter are new..motor has 60k miles and my car has 88k...is it really due for a new fuel pump at only 88k miles?

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Do you have a non-turbo legacy? How long ago did you install the new battery, or how long ago was it since you last had the battery disconnected.


Non-turbo legacies are known to act funny after having the battery disconnected while relearning. It's common to experience stalling, or near stalls if you shift into idle, or when you come to a stop. It usually goes away after 3-4 days or so, depending on how much driving you do. I followed some procedure online to minimize the weirdness, but it still happens a little regardless. what helped me https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2209950


By the way, I had 215k on my oem fuel pump before it was replaced. Car would crank, but not start. Subaru said the fuel pump housing cracked, and that was the culprit. So they replaced the whole fuel pump assembly/housing, and that was the only reason I got a new fuel pump.

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Its a non turbo..last time the battery was disconnected was only a few months ago when i had the starter put in. Car starts no problem, lights come on etc in accessory mode. ill double check the battery with my volt meter.


I feel like at only 88k miles, it shouldnt be having issues, most of the driving I do is long distance, dont know if that matters. Thanks for the link, im looking into it.

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...my car has 88k...is it really due for a new fuel pump at only 88k miles?
It would be pretty unusual, fuel pumps can go the life of the car or at any rate I would expect at least 150K. However, I did have to replace a fuel pump on a car with only 40K on it. The pump was totally dead, probably because the car was sitting in storage for a couple years.


You could test the fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator to see if they are going out. I believe you can rent a fuel pressure tester from Autozone.

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Before replacing the fuel pump I'd look into other things first. Personally the transmission fluid level is the first thing I'd check, it could be a problem with the transmission, the fluid, an AT sensor, who knows.
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Well i really do not know what to say other than thank you. Not sure if this fixed 100% but my car is sounding/driving incredibly better.

After the test...

Started up fine, popped it in reverse & the RPMS dropped to i wanna say 100 for a moment then bounced back up to around 500(My heart stopped) BUT No cut off. I drove around my block a few times, JUST in case the car shut off...slow, fast, reversed a few times, crushed a coke can in the street. Everything went smooth. Not 100% sure if this fixed my issue, but what really shocks me is how the car is driving now.


Ive driven this car across country and back..Too and from mexico and canada, all over manhatten, queens etc and honestly i never remember it being this responsive. The throttle is in perfect sync. I get zero delay now between me pushing the throttle and the car moving.


Makes me wonder how many subies(or any car) are unsold because of sluggish performance due to the throttle not being synced correctly..The following should really be a sticky. Highly reccomend this to anyone with throttle response issues...


Below is the same thing as the other thread just a shorter version. Thanks again guys, ill keep you posted if anything changes.


*Engine must be stone COLD.

**Turn off all electronics(Radio, lights, AC, etc)



1- Disconnect battery & leave off for 10min. Clean terminals and posts if needed.

2- Pump BREAK pedal a few times.

3- Reconnect battery & Insert key into ignition. Turn key to accessory mode(right before start.) Wait 10 seconds.

5- Start car & remember DO NOT TOUCH throttle pedal.

6- Leave car running until radiator fans come on (Took 25min for me)

7- Turn off car & take key OUT of ignition. Wait 10 seconds.

8- Finally, put the key back in and start her up, take it for a spin and monitor how it drives.

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