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93 Legacy rpms jumped over night

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Trying tofigure out whats going on with my legacy its a 93 with automatic transmission and no turbo 200000 miles and i have a 200 mile round trip commute each day. Heres whats going on.

Started it the other day and noticed it was ideling pretty low about 500 rpm made it to the high ran fine rpms where a little high when accelerating and wasnt getting as much oomf out of it as i usually do but it is shifting alright. When i get on the highway the rpms where way up normally run about 2500rpm at 60 was sitting close to 3500 rpm. Ran at about 55 to keep it closer to 3000 for the commute. Still shifting fine its running high but overall good sounds good . Then i get off the freeway and come to a stop sign and when i down shift into 1st rpms drop to near zero car jolts down in speed then it bounces back to 500rpm and sits there while im stopped. Any idea whats going on here. Im hoping its maybe a vaccume leak or a bad plug possibly but im a little worried thats wishful thinking. Fuel consumption jumped from averaging 28 to 24 as well.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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You can do a couple drain and fills. Remove the drain plug on the trans and drain out about 4.5-5 qts of ATF. Add the same amount as you drained and check the dipstick. There are two dipsticks, one for the front diff, and the dipstick on the driver's side for ATF. Do not put ATF in the passenger side. That takes gear oil. You'll need a long thin funnel to add the ATF, go slow or it will bubble out and make a mess.


The filter is inside the transmission and requires dropping the pan. It almost never clogs so I wouldn't go that far yet.


You could have a vacuum leak so I would look around and make sure there are no loose or cracked hoses, and it might be time to replace the spark plugs and air filter. Use NGK spark plugs. Crappy MPG can also be from your O2 sensor getting old and fouled. Might want to change your fuel filter if it is old.


There is an adjustment you can do to the brake band on the 4EAT to mitigiate shifting issues but it's tricky and I would mess with that last.

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