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The 2014 Outback to Legacy wagon rear bumper conversion. Take two.

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I learned the hard way that the br9 legacy has narrower fenders than the outback. So the rear bumper sides don’t match the rear fenders at all.

I did cut and weld outback sides on the jdm bumper but all clips and tabs were broken since these bumpers were used.


Now my plan is merge the jdm lower part to a new outback upper bumper. So both will be cut in half and welded together. The fit should be 100% I hope.


Here is the pics before cutting.




I will stop looking and mesuring and looking .. and cut these nice bumpers later soon. Maybe today.

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I followed your other build post. Great work. Did you have an issue with the first bumper that you cut and welded?



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Well, the first one was sourced from 2 used bumpers with all broken tabs and clips. So the fitment was not 100% clean. This is why I wanted brand new outback sides.

I am almost finished now. But motivation has been running low lately haha!



It is now primed but still a bit of shaping remains. Can’t wait to use the car again!!

This is how it sits with winter bbs and studded Hakkas.



I will post more soon!



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Progress today



After 4 heavy coats of Evercoat uro-fil primer, sanding with all sort of blocks, hunting for high and low spots with 3m guide coat. Almost finished shaping it. Next step is more primer on 4-6 spots. Then block again.



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Would be cool to make a mold of this bumper for any others that wanted to replicate what you are doing.




Well, wouldn't it be easier just to weld the pieces together just like I did? Probably because you need the oem tabs for fitment.



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For suspension, I now have sedan oem 3.6r springs in the back with h&r 3.6r fronts. All with Bilstein black struts from a sedan.

The problem is I tried lots of springs and it is never even. The back is still 1/2 inch too low.

I found my solution: br9 specific Bilstein jdm coilivers. I like the fact that the springs are progressive in the back and they retain the stock top hats. It is best for Canadian streets in my area..1cf47a73ebeaf54809f8e5401668948f.jpg

.. cc60b2dd406a9a321e7b9a7023d1b61b.jpg



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