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Airbag light on 09 legacy GT

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Hi folks,


Have an 09 manual lgt. Got the pass airbag recall done at my dealerships Subaru store. Everything was good, no lights at the time. I would say not immediately after, but maybe a month or so the airbag light decided to say hello and go away randomly.


The thing I noticed also is with the airbag light on, the telltale lamp (or the hey buckle the seatbelt passenger!! Overhead light) seems to read wonky. Sometimes it doesn't display all the leds, sometimes it reads fine. I notice this if I have my backpack or groceries on the pass seat, when the seat cushion is loaded, and the car believes there's an occupant.


I work on a different brand, we have had issues with the mats in the pass seat start to read wrong etc etc. I was wondering if this was a common issue with these legacy's? Might call the local dealer to see if there are any recalls/tsbs pertaining to this issue.



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