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Legacy new owner: 2-button fob-> 3-button- and Bluetooth?

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Hi everybody!


New Legacy owner here. After years of looking at them finally took the plunge and bought an 06 2.5i last week. Loving it. Really nice to drive, everything they say about it is true!


Howver, having been previous owner of Saabs, Jags and Mercs, I find one thing very annoying with the Legacy and that's the way you can't open the trunk(boot) from outside! It appears that the only way to open it is by using the lever at driver's seat. My remote fob only has a lock and and unlock keys so nothing there. This is rather unergonimic, as for example walking back to car with shopping etc it's inconvenient. So the question is:


Is it possible to replace the (what looks to be stock, genuine) 2-button subaru keys with a 3-button one that as a trunk release button?


Also, any recommendation on how best to get A2DP bluetooth streaming now in 2017? I've seen a few threads but mostly from years ago, and wondering if GROM audio is the easiest and best option these days?



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That does not look like an OEM key for a 4th gen legacy, at least not the USDM market (I don't think they came with laser-cut keys until much later). Where are you located?


These are a couple of the OEM keys that I'm familiar with:




In any case, to replace it, you can either buy a blank of one of the newer keys (on the left), cut out the immobilizer chip from your current key and replace it in the new one, then have the key cut at a local locksmith. Or go to the dealer and have them reprogram the car for the new key's immobilizer.


Edit: On further reading, I'm guessing you're from out of the states. Not sure what that means as far as key availability/compatibility. Here's some more reading: http://www.cars101.com/subaru/keyless.html

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