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Mounting in Window

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Did you even try googling something like Subaru owners manual? Because Subaru offers their manuals online for free.......




Sadly I have spotty internet, I'm stationed in PR and the hurricane hit us hard. You're more than welcome to provide a link, although I probably won't be able to load the whole manual.

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FWIW, I have a radar detector mounted right near the middle of my windshield and seemingly haven't had any issues with EyeSight functioning properly.


Thanks man. I know I seen a picture somewhere on here that was an accuarate depiction of where you could mount it in the grey area, I just can't find it. I'll keep searching.

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Looks like a service bulletin for 2013-2014 that was revised in 2015 . Theres a printable template at




unsure if relevant to newer model years as the eyesight angles could have changed. Could not find a newer bulletin.


NUMBER: 06-43-12R

DATE: 09/21/12

REVISED: 02/18/15


APPLICABILITY: 2013-2014MY Legacy and Outback models with EyeSight System

SUBJECT: ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) Device Mounting Guidelines

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