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Programming button

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This topic has been brought up a million times and yet I cannot find what I’m looking for.

Simply I’m looking for the programming button to reset the keyless entry. I know where it’s supposed to be. On the kick panel just below the hood latch. That spot is empty.

I know the next step, find the control module and trace the harness till you find two brown wires which should lead to the programming button. Unfortunately when I trace either of the groups of wires connected to the control unit I do not find two brown wires, nor do I find a small black button of any sort.


Most of the threads on this topic have broken links to pictures.

I’m hoping somebody has some pictures that can lead me in the right direction. Or even better yet a YouTube video showing the harness, the wires and eventually the programming button.

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I doubt it's an Alpine system. The programming button for the Code Alarm keyless entry systems aren't always mounted and may be tucked up under the dash.


Here is the Code Alarm programming instructions: http://www.cars101.com/subaru/keyless.html#code%20alarm


On the off chance you do have an Alpine setup, here is the programming for that: http://www.cars101.com/subaru/keyless.html#alpine


The key fob should be a dead giveaway which system is installed in the car.

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