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Fixing my 1992 Legacy Wagon

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Hello All;

Thought that I would pass along some recent activity on my Legacy wagon. Engine would turn over but a no run condition. I checked all of the relays, took voltage checks on the ecu, checked the grounds on the ecu, and found no voltage at the fuel pump. I was thinking a faulty ecu but decided to pull the fuel pump relay and jump the connection back to the tank. Finally got a voltage reading and plugged the fuel pump back in and nothing! Tapped the top of the pump housing and the pump started running! Pulled the fuel pump module and rebuilt the unit. Put everything back together. I cannot believe how well the Subie is running, at highway speeds I am feathering the throttle. Have installed new cv axle shafts in the front and will be installing brake pads on the front axle. Have proudly put 210k on the odometer, Steven.

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